23 January 2007

More Natural Areas Protected in Cuba

Periodico 26, Cuba

The development and strengthening of protection systems in natural areas with more biodiversity are today a priority for Cuba, Reynaldo Estrada, director of the National Protected Areas Center (CNAP) said in Havana.
The official told Prensa Latina that the Center efforts are aimed to protect systems guaranteed by park rangers.
Estrada stated the protection of the Cuban natural heritage will have an outstanding place within the environmental strategy to be presented to the World Environment Fund.
The island has the richest flora of the Caribbean, with 7,000 vascular species and a 50-percent endemism, in charge of the genetic heritage of almost over 3,000 biologic entities.
With a current registration of 35 protected areas, the Cuban nation stands out because of the management and care of those natural places, of which there are over 260 proposed throughout the country.

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